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Community Policing working with community organizations, our schools to educate and coordinate services.


Include the use of bodycams to protect our deputies and the citizens they serve.


Promoting deputies as warranted for excelling in their roles based on their performance & experience.


The demographics of our community is important to support our continued diversity in the department.  I pledge to seek out the most qualified officers while being reflective of the inclusive community in Pitt County. 


As a responsibility of the duties of Sheriff, maintaining the safety for those on pretrial release is important. Pitt County Detention Center has a stellar reputation for housing people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial; people who have been convicted of a misdemeanor with an active sentence of 6 months or less; and federal inmates.  I am committed to maintaining this reputation through upholding the training regimen of detention officers, ensuring an environment that protects them, the inmates, and protects the citizens of Pitt County.   

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