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A Sheriff for Everybody
Paula Dance for Sheriff

Makeup Artist RaSheeda Waddell

We are excited about expanding the territory in the Office of the Sheriff for Pitt County! Paula Dance a seasoned, experienced, and educated law enforcement officer who has over 30 years of experience, with 26 in a Sheriff’s Office, 4 years as Pitt County Sheriff and is running for re-election. Thank you for being interested in her desire to run for re-election as Pitt County Sheriff.  If you need additional information, CONTACT US and we will do our best to answer your questions. 

Serving others has always been the foundation of Sheriff Dance's core values.  This innate desire has prompted her to excel in the Pitt County Sheriff Office and propelled her to run for re-election to the Office of Pitt County Sheriff.  As you get to know Paula you will understand that her integrity is coupled with her desire to help others.  Situations require the ability to understand right and wrong along with the desire to apply experience, logic, and thoughtfulness to every incident.  As we previously stated she served as the Major in the Pitt county Sheriff’s Office for 4 years. As Major, she was 3rd in command after the Chief Deputy and Sheriff therefore selecting her as Sheriff in 2018 was the natural progression of promoting someone who had the administrative experience in the Office and a person who was ready to handle the position with the mission of protecting our citizens, putting citizens first and creating a safer county for our citizens. Working in law enforcement has provided great experiences and experience matters in each law enforcement agency.  The experiences she has as the Sheriff gives her an advantage because she knows the policies, understands the philosophies and knows the role of the Sheriff. 

Good law enforcement is always necessary but GREAT law enforcement requires exceptional service with a common-sense approach gained through experiences. Law enforcement is much more than just solving and deterring crime. Every interaction is an opportunity to enhance the quality of life for a citizen. Under her leadership, the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office has developed a reputation for having a measured approach to dealing with challenging issues. Leadership that fosters a spirit of knowing the difference of when to be firm and when to be compassionate…That’s Sheriff Paula Dance, the spirit of understanding the challenges of this position…possessing the knowledge of law enforcement as it specifically applies to the role of the Sheriff’s office…and the capacity to lead the office with pride & integrity.  




Over 30 years of Law Enforcement Experience,
4 years as Pitt County Sheriff

The beginning of a lifelong desire to protect & serve…started her career with Martin County Sheriff’s office in 1990 before accepting a position with Pitt County Sheriff’s Office in 1994. After serving in the capacity of patrol deputy for four years, she was promoted to Sgt. of the Domestic Violence Unit. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to Investigations as a major crimes investigator. She left the Sheriff’s Office for a very short time and worked at Vidant as a police officer, before coming back to Sheriff’s Office as Lt. of Investigations. Subsequently, she was promoted to Captain and Major. In 2018, she was elected as Sheriff of Pitt County becoming the first female Sheriff of Pitt County and the first African-American female Sheriff in the State of North Carolina.


  • Deputy Sheriff ~ Martin County Sheriff's Office

  • Deputy Sheriff ~ Pitt County Sheriff's Office

  • Sergeant ~ Pitt County Sheriff's Office-Domestic Violence Unit

  • Investigator ~ Pitt County Sheriff's Office -Major Crimes Unit

  • Police Officer~ Vidant Hospital

  • Lieutenant ~ Pitt County Sheriff's Office-Investigations Unit

  • Captain ~ Pitt County Sheriff's Office-Investigations Unit

  • Major ~ Pitt County Sheriff's Office

  • Sheriff of Pitt County


  • Bear Grass High School

  • Mount Olive University ~ 2020 Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Criminology

  • Pitt Community College ~ Management Development Program

  • Advance Law Enforcement Certificate

  • Improved transparency by obtaining body cameras for deputies.

  • Protected Second Amendment Rights by fighting for and obtaining more staff to eliminate long wait times for gun permits.

  • Created programs that addressed law enforcement response to mental health and co-occurring substance abuse.

  • Created award winning programs in the Detention Center, S.H.A.R.P. and W.E.A.R.

  • Partnered with P.C.C. to bring educational opportunities inside the Detention Center.

  • Creation of an aerial drone program.

  • First-of-a-kind Courthouse Therapy K9, Deputy Drifter. Also purchased a single-purpose drug K9 for the Detention Center, Deputy Freya. These purchases were made from a revenue source that did not cost Pitt County taxpayers.

  • Created a Staff Attorney position.

  • Pitt County Sheriff's Office laboratory is now nationally accredited. 

  • Lowered crime rates in Pitt County by reducing criminal activity proactive patrols and removing guns from those who illegally possessed them. 


Paula Dance for Sheriff
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