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Sheriff Dance


Without doubt, the most successful, accomplished Sheriff in Pitt County's modern era. Every promise Paula Dance made, she kept. Pitt County is safer today  due to the many innovations and programs instituted by Sheriff Dance:

*Improved transparency through obtaining body cameras for deputies.


*Hired extra staff to ensure Pitt County citizens did not experience long wait times to obtain gun permits. Protected Second Amendment rights.


*Created programs that address law enforcement response to mental health and co-occurring substance use abuse.


*Created award-winning programs in the detention center,  S.H.A.R.P. and W.E.A.R.


*Partnered with PCC to bring educational opportunities inside the detention center.


*Creating an Arial Drone Program.


*First-of-its-kind Courthouse Therapy K9. (Deputy Drifter) Purchased a single purposed Drug K9 for Detention center. (Deputy Freya) These purchases were made from a revenue source that did not cost Pitt County taxpayers


*Created a Staff Attorney position


*Pitt County Sheriff's Office Forensics Laboratory now nationally accredited 


All accomplished while lowering crime rates in the county by reducing criminal activity with proactive patrols and removing guns from those who illegally possess them.

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